Chasing the Dragon
A Veteran Journalist's Firsthand account of the 1946-1949 Chinese Revolution
"Chasing the Dragon takes its place alongside other classic pieces of reportage on this crucial turning point in Chinese history."          ---SMITHSONIAN (Read full review)
"Rowan writes, 'The sights, sounds and smells of China will continue to be a part of my being.' With Chasing the Dragon he has ensured that those memories will have a long and lasting memory."  ---TIME
"A captivating mix of personal, political and military history."          ---PEOPLE

In 1949 the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb, and Eastern Europe had arranged itself into a constellation of communist satellite states, when China--the world's most populous nation--succumbed to what seemed to be an insurmountable tide of Communist successes.  Dumbfounded, America wanted to know, "Who lost China?"

Row Rowan was one of only two living American journalists who covered the fall of China, and in Chasing the Dragon, he recounts his personal experiences during one of modern history's most tumultuous and significant events.  Writing for Life magazine from such datelines as Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Taiyuan, and China's Gettysburg--Xuzhou--he watched the horror and spectacle of the world's oldest continuous civilization tear itself apart as Chairman Mao Zedong's ragtag army saturated the Chinese countryside, choked off major industrial cities, and waited for them to "fall like ripe melons."  With the fall of each city, Rowan had to plan an emergency evacuation by whatever means possible. 

Through Rowan's personal interviews and experiences we meet colorful characters such as "Big Ears Du," the crime boss of Shanghai's infamous Green Gang; "The Generalissimo" and his wife Madame Chiang Kia-shek, whose dulcet tones of flawless Wellesley English belied her cool ruthlessness; the irrepressible Claire Chennault of "Flying Tiger" fame; and a personal acquaintance with Zhou Enlai, who would become China's premier under Mao Zedong. 

In the decades since, Rowan has traveled back to each battlefield, and has covered China for America's premier magazines.  Chasing the Dragon is his fascinating firsthand account of the tumultuous events that still continue to shape our world.  This book is currently available in your local bookstore. 

Chasing the Dragon has been optioned by Universal Pictures in Hollywood for a feature film which will go into production in 2008 for release in either 2009 or 2010. 
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