Keeping Love Alive

Roy Rowan, 2015
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Early Praise for
Keeping Love Alive:

"The odds against a successful marriage were strong. Their personalities were almost diametric: Roy the tough war correspondent, Helen the soft-spoken artist. They were separated much of the time as Roy traveled the world on assignment. While living in Hong Kong, with Roy gone for weeks covering the Vietnam War, Helen missed him so much she once simply got on a plane and flew to war-torn Saigon, unannounced and unexpected.

But something worked between them, and this short book is Roy’s attempt to explain. ‘It’s a story I hope will help other married couples, or those just contemplating marriage, to keep their love alive,’ he writes. But more than advice, this is a story of devotion that provokes wonder, admiration, envy and in the end tears.

He peppers the book with famous quotations about love through the ages from Shakespeare to Yeats to Sinclair Lewis and my favorite, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.: ‘Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.’

Roy and Helen were very good at what they did. His byline is familiar in the magazine world. This is his tenth book. Late in life, she turned to faux painting and became quite skilled.

But then Helen faltered in her 90s. She died in November 2013 precisely 61 years and six months after they were married. Roy always called her Babe, never Helen. At her memorial service, we all spoke movingly of their love and its power to enrich two lives so profoundly. Whatever else Roy said, best is his achingly simple, ‘Thank you, Babe.’  For this glorious book, I can only say, ‘Thank you, Roy.’"
-Richard B. Stolley, 
Founding Editor of People Magazine

"Roy Rowan has written another terrific book, stylish, informed, hilarious at times, and deeply touching. As he recounts his long, remarkable marriage, this distinguished journalist and foreign correspondent comes to life as well. There's enough adventure in it to carry you deep into your senior years. His world travels are grand reading. And his long love affair with his wife gives us all tips on how to make a marriage thrive. Take a bow, Roy Rowan, you won life's greatest prize."
-Dr. Helen Fisher, Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute; Author of Why Him? Why Her?

"He was the foreign correspondent who never missed a war-
she the photo editor who packed his chute
and was there on his returns.  Were there ever
two others so able to keep love alive over so many years
and so many seas?
Not likely. Not like Roy and Helen.  Nor a story like theirs,
so alive with the pang and zoom of youth and love
over sixty years of bountiful days on
which to record its ever having happened."
-Herman Raucher, Author of Summer of '42

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