Early Praise for Never Too Late

"Only Roy Rowan could have written this book: part world tour, part excursion into the human body. From the war zones to the political conventions, from baseball to anti-inflammatories, from Mao to Mark Twain, this is the stuff of life, and a how-to guide to growing older in great fashion.


         -Brian Williams, NBC News


Roy Rowan is not exactly like you and me: he fought in one war and covered three others, palled around with Presidents, ran the New York Marathon, and survived three cancers. But out of all these adventures and crises, he has written a book that is marvelously beneficial to every one of us on the far side of middle age. ‘Do not go gentle,’ he insists, ‘but live with the three E’s: Enthusiasm, Exertion, and Energy.’ If you do, Scouts Honor, you’ll move up the alphabet to wonder years of Pride, Productivity, and Passion.


         -Richard B. Stolley, Founding Editor of People Magazine and Senior Editorial Adviser, 
            Time Inc.


There’s enough adventure in this book to keep your heart pounding deep into your senior years. As an accomplished field reporter and journalist, Roy Rowan has seen the front lines of combat, talked with dictators and lived (temporarily) as a vagabond to report on our homeless problem. And this book captures all of his energy, spirit curiosity and wisdom. It’s packed with vivid stories, wonderful quotes and wise comments to show how growing old can be just as exciting and fulfilling as any other part of living. I hope I’m like Roy Rowan when I’m 90. He rocks. And we can too. It’s a wonderful read.


          -Helen Fisher, Anthropologist, Rutgers University.  Author of Why Him? Why Her?

"You can’t be too old---or to young---not to enjoy Never Too Late. Roy Rowan’s advice to us Pre-Boomers isn’t just uplifting. Even better: it’s downright practical.


         -Frank Deford, Author of Bliss, Remembered

"Roy Rowan, a master reporter, has brilliantly covered the biggest story of his career, which is life---not just his own, which has been packed with adventure and achievement, but the art and craft of living. Never Too Late is fun and funny, wise and inspirational, and useful to readers of all ages.


         -Strobe Talbott, President, The Brookings Institution 

"This adventure and wisdom-packed book is a boon to seniors who will no longer need to apologize for the space they take up on the planet. It will also help the young to prepare for geezerhood.


         -Albert Rosenfeld, Author of Prolongevity II

Want to learn how to age gracefully and have a great retirement? Then this is NOT the book for you! Roy Rowan, a great journalist, offers instead delightful tales and lessons about having a feisty and active old age. It’s both a charming memoir and a fountain of insight for anyone who plans to live until at least 100.


         -Walter Isaacson, President of the Aspen Institute, Author of biographies of Albert 
             Einstein and Ben Franklin

Early Praise for
Throwing Bullets


"Like a good pitcher, Roy Rowan rears back and delivers---uncorking a great story, well-told. As the father of a young middle-innings’ reliever, I found a lot to identify with. Readers of all kinds will find a lot to love in this book.”


         -Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News


“For most boys (and someday perhaps girls too), the real American Dream is to play in the major leagues. Getting there is the gripping theme of Roy Rowan’s Throwing Bullets. He follows two young minor-league pitchers through the summer of 2005: one a laconic Dominican lefty, the other an amiable righthander from a Chicago suburb, as they scramble towards the ‘show,’ their term for the big leagues. This wonderful book can be enjoyed for its baseball lore and insights, but even more for its heartwarming human drama of why one player makes it and the other doesn’t. Finding out which is which will be one of your best reading experiences this year.”


         -Richard B. Stolley, Founding editor People Magazine


”I loved this book by eminent and graceful writer Roy Rowan. It contains much fascinating detail of minor-league life, and provides insights into two young pitchers Rowan traces through a season at a Minnesota Twins’ farm team in Connecticut. His chapter on a scout’s view of his two subjects will educate even the most knowledgeable fan.”


          -Fay Vincent, former Baseball Commissioner


 “Roy Rowan, a consummate pro himself, takes a major-league look at the ups and downs of life in the minors.”


          -Ray Cave, former Executive Editor, Sports Illustrated


Throwing Bullets is a marvelous read. It took me back to my minor-league days in Valdosta, Durham, and Montreal. As Rowan points out, and as I told my young players, it takes a lot of hard work to make the majors, but even harder work to stay there.”


          -E. J. “Buzzie” Bavasi, former General Manager of the Dodgers, Padres, and Angels 


High Praise for Chasing the Dragon
"Roy Rowan's spell-binding account of China's earth rattling communist revolution is high drama and great journalism - all that I'd expect from one of the best."
-Tom Brokaw
"The sharp eye of a world-class reporter, the narrative skill of an accomplished author, the perspective of decades, and one of the most consequential, tumultuous stories of our time - what could be a better combination? Chasing the Dragon is personal history at its best."
-Strobe Talbott, President of the Brookings Institution
"Chasing the Dragon by Roy Rowan is at once a memoir with the immediacy of fine journalism and the considered judgment of good history.  The chapter on the million-man battle of Xuzhou is particularly important for it is often forgotten that the Communist Revolution was above all a military conquest that was won (and could have been lost) on the battlefield."
-William Kirby, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
"Roy Rowan's book is a fascinating look at the heroes, the tyrants, and the history that shapes America's greatest rival, potentially greatest customer and possibly some day again, greatest ally."
-Richard  B. Stolley, Founding Editor, People magazine
"In this high-spirited and deftly written memoir, Roy Rowan gives us a fresh look at the adventure, duplicity, courage and bewildering shifts of fortune that marked the Chinese Civil War between 1946 and 1949.  His chapters on his work with the United Nations relief agencies in China are especially telling."
-Jonathan Spence, Author of The Search for Modern China
"Chasing the Dragon is both enthralling personal history and an invaluable eyewitness account of China.  Rowan offers a riveting insider's view of pre-Communist China and records its last death throes with a keen eye for history and human detail.  A winning and wonderfully readable book."
-Stella Dong, author of Shanghai: The Rise and Fall of a Decadent City 1842-1949
"This colorful eyewitness account of the Communists' 1949 takeover of China is the perfect blend of journalism and history.  Roy Rowan tells this amazing tale with the firsthand excitement of a young reporter and the wisdom of a veteran China watcher.  In a very personal and readable way, his book explores war, historic forces, colorful characters and the thrill of journalism."
-Walter Isaacson, President of the Aspen Institute and author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life
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