Solomon Starbucks Striper
"Adults and children alike will love this fantastic journey into a secret world we could previously only imagine."
-NBC News Anchor Brian Williams
"Solomon Starbucks Striper is more than a fish story.  It is a delightful entertainment that will hook you and never let you go."
-David Brown, Producer of Jaws, the movie
"Roy Rowan has given us an enchanting read, a charming tale full of adventure, humor and wisdom about living.  He reconnects us to the living world around us."
-Helen Fisher, Anthropologist, Rutgers University
"Ever wonder what happened to Jonathan Livingston Seagull?  Well, he's morphed - sort of - into Solomon ('Solo') Starbucks Striper, only this fish is wiser, better looking and far more adventurous than that winged philosopher.  Solo's perilous search for the meaning of life brings him face to face with a hungry shark (he escapes) and with a sage octopus (who teaches him to look within his striped scaly self).  Whether you are a catcher or consumer, this fish story will warm your heart and remind you that it's right there that a 'new and better world' can be truly found."
-Richard B. Stolley, founding editor of People Magazine
"A fisherman's sure knowledge of the life of a striped bass and a surer knowledge of the potency of dreams mark this delightful fable about a fish you won't forget, I found it irresistible."
-Nick Lyons, Author of Full Creed
First Dogs
"First Dogs is a doggone delight that will leave you sitting up and begging for more.  I give it four paws up."
-Dan Rather, CBS News
Powerful People
"H.L. Mencken said, 'I had more fun in doing news reporting than in any other enterprise.  It really is the life of kings.' Roy Rowan enjoyed the trappings of journalistic monarchy in his half-century as a globe-trotting writer for Time, Inc.  His career took him to the Orient, Europe and the United States, where he hung out with some of the biggest movers and shakers.  The results are vivid, well-written portraits of colorful, powerful and fascinating people.  Powerful People is my nomination for the best bedside book of the year."
-John Chancellor, author, broadcaster, former NBC anchor
"Roy Rowan's Powerful People is a personal chronicle of the past fifty years vividly reported by one of the foremost foreign correspondents of our time.  As such, it is living history that cannot be found in history books."
-Stanley Karnow, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of In Our Image
"Roy Rowan has linked his discussions of remarkable world leaders into a fascinating definition of power in the twentieth century.  To his considerable gifts as a reporter he adds the perspective of history, and his unfailing, infectious enthusiasm for the news."
-Hugh Sidney, Time Magazine
"As Roy Rowan's Powerful People proves, devout observance is the hallmark of fine reporting.  This distinguished journalist takes you on a riveting fifty-year journey revealing how a host of the twentieth century's dominating figures won power, wielded it and how some stumbled after grasping it.  Rowan's account wields a power of its own.  Read it!"
-Gordon Parks, author and composer
Surfcaster's Quest
"[An] eloquent paean to surfcasting...this blend of angling wisdom, history, and craft moves with the unceasing rhythm of the tides and will tug at the heart and - dare one say it - the soul of every fisherman.
-Dan Rather, CBS News
"Surfcaster's Quest not only captures the spirit and feel of surf fishing, but also weaves in some neat tips and ideas on how to land more fish."
-C. Boyd Pfeiffer, author of The Compleat Surfcaster
"With the passion of a fervent fisherman and the keen eyes and ears of a top-gun journalist, Rowan packs lots of action and knowledge between the covers of this compelling book."
-Roger D. Stone, Sustainable Development Institute
"You don't have to be a fisherman - which I am barely - to enjoy this book.  You must only relish solitude, the beauty of nature, the mystery of the sea, the elusiveness of its creatures.  In these pages, you will learn about catching fish, but far more important and satisfying, you will learn about catching the essence of your soul."
-Richard B. Stolley, Founding Editor, People Magazine
"Surfcasters are a benign sect made up of a dedicated band of men and some women who seek their salvation on the beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific.  Their organ music is the crashing of waves and the rhythm of the tides.  In this book Roy Rowan qualifies to be their John the Baptist, preaching the virtues of solitude, patience, and the soul-solacing strike of the striped bass.  Rowan's church is Block Island, a fish-blessed tract a few miles off the Rhode Island coast.  With charm, humor, and a trove of useful information he threatens to make converts of all who read Surfcaster's Quest, this dedicated trout fisherman among them."
-Robert Manning, Former Editor in Chief, Atlantic Monthly
"Rowan has nailed it - surf fishing is the way to go, for all the reasons and experiences he writes about here.  It's you on the shore and the fish out there.  Cast.  Go for it.  This is a wonderful telling of fish stories."
-D.W. Bennett, Executive Director, American Littoral Society
The Intuitive Manager
"Rowan has outlined the subconscious elements of success in a new and exciting way.  This book is an insightful and useful tool."
-Senator Bill Bradley
"The Intuitive Manager cuts away the fat prevalent in most management manuals and gets to the heart of the subject.  It is an important document and a must read for managers and aspiring managers."
-Peter Ueberroth, Commissioner of Baseball
"Intuition is a concept that, until now, hasn't taken its rightful place in the practical businessman's lexicon.  But after Roy Rowan's book, no up-and-coming businessman will ignore this elusive factor.  At least, that's my intuitive feeling."
-Howard Stein, Chairman & CEO, Dreyfus Corporation
"Roy Rowan has struck a mighty blow for what really makes a manager effective."
-Fran Tarkenton, Chairman, Tarkenton Productivity Group
"In this book Roy Rowan dignifies 'hunch' as a legitimate - even preferred - motivation for business initiative.  And he is right."
-James W. Rouse, Chairman, the Enterprise Development Group
"No astute manager or entrepreneur makes decisions only on the basis of numbers or staff recommendations.  Roy Rowan's The Intuitive Manager underlines the fact that intuitiveness also plays a large part in making difficult decisions.  This is a fascinating book on a fascinating subject.  Managers everywhere will learn a great deal about themselves and their business decisions from reading it."
-Mary Kay Ash, Founder & CEO, Mary Kay Cosmetics
"The Intuitive Manager is not just for executives.  Roy Rowan has written a very readable book for anyone interested in intuition and creativity."
-Dr. Jonas Salk